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Published 3 months ago • 2 min read

Hey Reader!

Somehow, we find ourselves in the middle of January already. My mom always said that the way you spend your First of January set you up for how the rest of the year would go. (I grew up in a superstitious household and I still believe in so much of it!)

If what my mom said were true, it would mean that my 2024 will be filled with rest and quiet and entertaining ways to spend my time.

Unfortunately, so far I've tweaked my back, resulting in being unable to move or sit comfortably for over a week and weird sleep (thanks to pain medication and, well, pain). I'm really, really, really hoping this is not an indication of how 2024 is going to unfurl... but, we shall see, won't we?

However, the silver lining in all of it, is that while convalescing, I was given the space to think. Top that off with a really energizing conversation with a good friend (hey Porsha! *waves*) about a book that was giving her life, I knew what had to come next: a new Group Read.

*insert fanfare and party emojis here*

Announcing, the next Fat Freedom Group Read: Rest is Resistance by Tricia Hersey.

Here are the details, in short:

  • We kick off our reading on Monday, January 29 and will read together for 3 months
  • You have 2 weeks for each reading section capped off with a 90-minute live discussion call on Saturdays at 12pm
  • Along the way, you'll get Reflection Prompts and encouragement by email
  • For in between connection and sharing you'll have access to an online community space
  • You get to read this deliciousness AND have a lovely group of folks to process it with!!!

If this sounds like a good time for you to learn how laying down can be a radical act of resistance and finding ways to make it a reality in your own life, then join us for this Fat Freedom Group Read.

Not sure this is for you? Not a problem. Feel free to respond to this email with any questions that you've got and I'll be happy to answer them for you!

[And, if this is definitely NOT the time for you to read with us, I understand. Simply click this link to opt out from hearing about this particular Group Read again.]

In love, liberation, and solidarity,

Because the "New Year, New You" messaging doesn't stop

Get support in finding your way back to yourself, no makeover necessary.

Sent with big fat love from a messy desk and a neurodivergent mind.

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Tiana Dodson

With a decade as a body liberation facilitator and a lifetime of lived experience as a fat, biracial, queer, neurodivergent person, Tiana Dodson is well-versed in what it is to exist in a multiply-marginalized body. As an active co-creator of the Syllabus for Liberation, her work addresses how personal, community, and global liberation depend upon each other. Through her consulting services, group offerings, and public speaking, Tiana highlights the ways these systems of oppression are bound together and how we can push back against them.

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