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published2 months ago
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Hey there, Reader!

I'm writing today because we're getting ready to begin the next text for the Fat Freedom Group Read Membership on Monday, April 10.

For a number of reasons, I've decided not to do a 2023-2024 Membership run that looks the same way this past year has, but if you want in for the rest of the current year, now's your time. Would you like to join us?

You can click here to read more about the Group Read in general or you can read through the details of what joining now can look like below.

(And if you know you're not in for the Group Read this year but want to stay on the general list, opt out of these messages here.)

Thanks for reading!

Okay... Detail time.

After lots of feedback and some deliberation, I've decided to start offering Single Servings of the Fat Freedom Group Read again.

This means that you'll get the chance to choose to either:

  1. choose to join in for the rest of the 2022-23 year run and read the remaining 3 texts with us for $450,
  2. choose to join ONLY for the ONE upcoming text.

With both choices you'll get:

  • the book sent straight to your door
  • access to the online community space (for the duration of the text)
  • a gentle reading schedule
  • Reflection Prompts for each Reading Section, and
  • live discussion calls via Zoom

Click the button below that corresponds with your choice:

Tiana Dodson

With a decade as a body liberation facilitator and a lifetime of lived experience as a fat, biracial, queer, neurodivergent person, Tiana Dodson is well-versed in what it is to exist in a multiply-marginalized body. As an active co-creator of the Syllabus for Liberation, her work addresses how personal, community, and global liberation depend upon each other. Through her consulting services, group offerings, and public speaking, Tiana highlights the ways these systems of oppression are bound together and how we can push back against them.

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