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I'm tired...

Published 2 months ago • 1 min read

Hey Reader.

Can you believe that it's already the end of January, Reader?

Somehow this month has flown by. And in spite of my efforts to go slow and take the rest I need when I need it, I still trip up time and again. That's human-ing for you.

But a conversation with a friend last week had us both commiserating about how we're struggling. We both know what we're *supposed* to do, and how we struggle to make that real.

Because we're parents. We're partners. We're folks who work for ourselves.

And we don't have a bunch of helpers (paid or otherwise) to ease any of that for us.

And that's probably pretty much the same for you.

So that's why we *need* to make the time to dive into the wisdom penned by someone who has made it her mission to help people find their way to rest.

Tricia Hersey, the Nap Bishop and founder of The Nap Ministry, has compiled her wisdom into the text "Rest is Resistance" and I can't wait to get into it.

Because she'll help remind me WHY I need to rest, WHY I'm tired in the first place, and WHY none of that is my fault.

If you need to hear these reminders yourself, then why not join us for a Group Read? We get started tomorrow (Monday, January 29), but we'll be happy to welcome you in as long as you get in before the first live call.

I know you're tired. I am, too. But that's why the reading schedule is ultra chill (you get 2 weeks to read each part and it's one of my favorite features of the Group Read!).

Let's be reminded why rest is no luxury.

I hope to see you there.

In love, liberation, and solidarity,

Sent with big fat love from a messy desk and a neurodivergent mind.

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Tiana Dodson

With a decade as a body liberation facilitator and a lifetime of lived experience as a fat, biracial, queer, neurodivergent person, Tiana Dodson is well-versed in what it is to exist in a multiply-marginalized body. As an active co-creator of the Syllabus for Liberation, her work addresses how personal, community, and global liberation depend upon each other. Through her consulting services, group offerings, and public speaking, Tiana highlights the ways these systems of oppression are bound together and how we can push back against them.

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