Tiana Dodson

Have you ever thought you were bad at relationships?

published5 months ago
1 min read

*raises hand* I have definitely thought I was bad at relationships... and often still do.

Hey Reader.

I've been really busy and stressed lately. I've been dealing with a new city, new school, upcoming child's birthday to plan (because somehow this kid is going to be 7 years old... like how?!?!), not enough storage... ever (the boxes are e.ver.y.where and I'm hating it more each day), and anxiety (in general), so very, very much anxiety.

It's meant that I've had to summon lots of strength and skills from the depths just to make sure that I am not a walking, talking hand grenade with no pin.

Can you relate?

Well, if you can't because you find yourself going off more often than you'd like, it's okay.

Life is really hard right now, so I've got a little something for you that maybe will help you feel less hopeless while you wade through the chaos caused by your last argument.

You can listen in or read through, whichever is most comfortable for you. And let me know how it resonated for you once you're done.

Big, fat (((hugs))),

Also, if you love watching machines work (because it's somehow soothing) or love knitting or simply wearing knitted things, here's a video I watched that answered a few questions I had about how in the blue blazes knitwear is made. Enjoy!