Tiana Dodson

Are you as impulsive as I am?

published10 months ago
1 min read

Hello, hello Reader!

Happy day to you! I find that I'm the kind of person who loves to plan and schedule things, but really struggles with following through on those plans and schedules. Can you relate?

Spontaneity is a thing I do. It somehow gives me joy??? [insert confused, yet amused facial expression here... is there an emoji for that?]

And this week, on a whim, after being inspired by a YouTube video about why folks who have passionately loved reading in the past tend to stop reading, I decided to start a reading challenge of my own!

So if you're game to practice re-developing your reading habit (or even starting from scratch!), then join in and read with me!

Here are the guidelines:

  1. Each day, grab a book -- doesn't matter which one!
  2. Read for 5 minutes.
  3. Tell me you did it so I can celebrate you!!! Do this by commenting on any of my Read With Me Challenge videos on social media or by using the hashtag #ReadWithMeChallenge
  4. Wash, rinse, repeat!

Are you in?

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Big Fat Hugs and Kisses!